Lonica’s ability to analyze and synthesize information relating to business development is remarkable- she is a genuine expert in her field
— V.N. ~ Owner, VNC

“Lonica is proactive, energetic, positively infectious, and has a strong understanding of what a successful business looks like and what the key components are (e.g. key account satisfaction and growth.)"

D.C. - CEO

”Lonica Works elegantly.”



"Lonica is familiar with the reference resources for demographic/market economic data and knows how to put that into knowledge (knowledge is a final step in the evolution of data; data becomes information, which becomes knowledge.) People value this kind of knowledge."


Lonica has a clear focus on profit orientation and ability to prioritize activities based on making money for the company.
— D.D. ~ CEO

"Lonica, you are among the most dynamic, productive and committed people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. You are kicking ass and the sky is the limit to an incredible year!”



"Lonica is the Alpha Marketer."

G.O. - Director Of Operations