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Clean Label Consulting
25 years in Organic, Non-GMO, and Plant-Based
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73% of Consumers Happy to Pay for Clean Label:

73% of consumers are happy to pay a higher retail price for a food and drinks made with ingredients they recognize and trust. Global sales of clean-label products hit US$165 billion in 2015 and are projected to reach $180 billion by 2020. (Source: Ingredient Communications)

Consumers want transparency. Consumers are concerned about the industrial and environmental contaminants in products they use every day. Transparency in labeling is extremely important for the health of consumers and to create and maintain brand loyalty to a company.

Our 35+ year history of formulation in the natural and organic products industry for food, personal care, and fiber products enables us to best serve your company with education (for both your staff and customers) as well as recommendations of ingredient changes to meet with Clean Label expectations.

Make your product more desirable and clean-up your labels with functional ingredients that consumers can understand. Consumers are increasingly purchasing minimally processed products with a short and understandable ingredient list.


46% of consumers want Non-GMO:

Global annual sales of Non-GMO products now exceed $550 billion. Getting Non-GMO verification can be a complex and time-consuming process. Regardless of which program you choose. Self claims of non-GMO do not add value to products. Only 3rd-party verification carries weight with consumers. Whatever technical administrator you are using for your verification, we are here to speed it up and make it much easier for you - so your products get to market asap. Despite an eight-year head start, certified organic sales now trail those certified as non-GMO in many categories. (Source: The Hartman Group)

Our extensive experience working with clients and the technical administrators doing Non-GMO Project verification for both international clients, (as well as small businesses) will greatly simplify and expedite your process. We offer complete interface services with technical administrators, supply chain consulting, and specific product, ingredient and formulation consulting.


65% of Global Consumers— and Half of United States Consumers— are Eating More Plant-Based (Vegan) Foods and Beverages:

40% of consumers are trying to include Plant-Based (Vegan) foods at every meal. (Source: Neilsen & Plant Based Foods Association) Everywhere we look, Plant-Based eating is on the rise. Stats from this year:

  • Plant-based cheeses grew 43%, with $124 million in sales

  • Plant-based yogurts grew 55% with sales at $162 million

  • Plant-based creamers grew an incredible 131%

    Many years of eating this way and consulting with companies that make vegan products, gives us the ideal background to give you the crucial information and guidance to make your Plant-Based (Vegan) certification process successful. We can provide you with experts in the food, fiber and personal care sectors to help your company reach the next level.

Organic sales in the U.S. totaled around $49.4 billion in 2017:

Organic food now accounts for more than 5% of total food sales in the U.S. Organic food sales increased by 6.4% from last year, blowing past the 1.1% growth rate in the overall food market. (Source: Neilsen and The Organic Trade Association)

If you are already certified Organic, than the Non-GMO verification is streamlined. Certified Organic, (often thought of as the gold standard of certifications) may be the right path for many products. We look forward to providing useful information and guidance to make your organic certification process successful. We can provide you with experts in the food, fiber (organic cotton, etc.) and personal care sectors to help your company reach the next level. Some of the biggest movers:

  • Sandwich bread grew 18.8% to $466 million

  • Kombucha grew 41.9% to $412 million

  • Baby food grew 8.8 to $341 million

  • Almond milk grew 23.3%




Consulting all under one umbrella: 

Our product development, manufacturing, branding and marketing expertise spans across many consumer product categories with a focus on Organic, Non-GMO, Plant-Based, and Functional Nutrition.  Our team has helped hundreds of clients achieve Non-GMO Project verification on thousands of products by demonstrating the compliance of their products, ingredients and production facilities. Our founder worked for years as the Key Account Manager / Business Development Manager at FoodChain ID, one of the Technical Administrators for the Non-GMO Project’s (NGP) Product Verification Program. With the extensive expertise of the Clean Label Consultants team, we are confident we can help you with any projects you desire in the Organic, Non-GMO, Plant-Based arenas.




Non-GMO Consulting Services:

We provide consulting services to companies enrolled in the Non-GMO Project Product Verification Program. 

  • Ingredient Sourcing: Locating the best and easily approvable Non-GMO ingredients

  • Formulation Recommendations: How to easily create Non-GMO compliant products

  • Supply Chain Management : Creating SOPS (Standard Operating Procedures) for ingredients and facilities

  • Document Prep: Advising on the documentation required for faster approval and verified

  • Staff Training: Learn to easily navigate FoodChain ID’s SupplyTrak database and how to complete paperwork correctly

  • Expert Technical Guidance: Be informed of changes to the standard/certification program that may affect your business needs

  • Continued Assistance: Receive dedicated help on your annual renewal


Continuous Management of your products, ongoing yearly contract, (ideal for large product portfolios).

Project Based Management: defined group of products, until verification received (ideal for small product portfolio).

Working with technical administrators: FoodChain ID, NSF, Where Food Comes From


Clean Label / Functional Ingredient Consulting Services:

We provide consulting services to companies answering the consumer's call for Clean Label products and Functional Nutritional Ingredients (ingredients that are understandable, and ingredients that may benefit health).

  • Formulation Recommendations: Swap out old ingredients for Clean Label ingredients

  • Formulation Enhancement: Add Functional Nutrition Ingredients for optimum consumer appeal

  • Ingredient Sourcing: Locating the best Clean Label and Functional Nutrition ingredients

  • Staff Education / Training: Learn to market your Clean Label products effectively with data

  • Staff Education / Training: Learn to market your Functional products effectively with data

  • Expert Technical Guidance: Stay current with the latest in Clean Label and Functional Nutrition ingredients


Plant-Based (Vegan) Business Consulting Services:

We provide consulting services to companies wishing to capitalize on the fast-growing Plant-Based (Vegan) market.

  • Formulation and Ingredient Sourcing: to comply with plant-based standards

  • Staff Training: Learn to market your plant-based products effectively with data


"Lonica, you are among the most dynamic, productive and committed people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. You are kicking ass and the sky is the limit to an incredible year!” - CEO

“Lonica is proactive, energetic, positively infectious, strong understanding of what a successful business looks like and what the key components are (e.g. key account satisfaction and growth.)" - CEO

"Lonica is the Alpha Marketer." - Director of Operations

"Lonica has a clear focus on profit orientation and ability to prioritize activities based on making money for the company." - CEO

Our Philosophy:

Experience + IDEAS

Entrepreneur magazine reports the top reasons consultants are hired for: their expertise, to identify problems, supplement staff, be a catalyst, provide objectivity, teach, bring new life to an organization, create a new product, brand or entire business, and finally, to influence other people.

We do all of this. And we love it.

Ideas can come from anywhere. We stay informed of the trends and direction of your industry, while listening to your staff and customers to bring sustainable growth. Utilizing  entrepreneurial energy we give clients the best new ideas plus the wisdom of experience. Our goal is to prove that every company can become more that it's founders dreamed possible.

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