Meet the Founder

  Lonica is known as a passionate and experienced entrepreneur (a client nicknamed her "The Alpha Marketer") who embraces change and challenges. Raised with a plant based lifestyle by parents who started one of the first health food stores in the USA, Lonica was inspired from a young age to be in business. She loved to read Fast Company and Entrepreneur magazine instead of watching TV, and managed her family's jewelry store and manufacturing business at age 19.  Then at age 21, she started her first business, an eco-retail store, and made it an early goal to bring new organic textile and bodycare products to the retail marketplace, even if she had to create the products herself. Lonica went on to found several retail stores and e-commerce websites. Along the way, she created several lines of products for her own company, and designed and branded for other large companies.

Lonica is continually excited about bringing healthy, ground-breaking products and services to consumers in an innovative way. She loves consulting with start-ups in the food, textile, and tech industries to guide the first steps of the new company towards success.  Lonica's knowledge and passion for organic and natural products led her to move into the food industry. She has spent years working on some of the world’s largest natural and organic product food brands and becoming an technical expert in Non-GMO Project verification. Lonica helps companies achieve greater success and increase brand loyalty by utilizing the fastest growing, consumer-driven, healthy trends in the industry.